Some ZX2 Beauty shots (56k go grab a beer)

Well I couldn’t wait to see what the wheels look like. SO I went out and mounted 2 on one side and detailed the car and snapped some pictures.

So for your viewing pleasure…

(by the way, yes, i know, the tread is crap… i only had 2 good ecsta supra 712s left and these still had good tread… just highway tires :frowning: i want my ecsta supras back!)

Here’s the original links if you wanna see them full size. [url=] ... ective.jpg[/url] [url=] ... ctive2.jpg[/url] [url=] ... eelgap.jpg[/url] [url=] ... ective.jpg[/url] [url=] ... rsback.jpg[/url]

VERY slick man, very slick!

The wheels look nice!

I thought you were getting rid of the racing strips? you change your mind?

very nice…

keep the stripes; I’m not a big fan of them, but looks really good on your car…

I’ve grown too attached to them :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

when you say mount are you refering to you the rims or the car…

I meant that I took my studded tires which are on my swirlies and put the new wheels on there which have their own tires.

Really nice pics! Looks to be in awesome shape!!!