some pics of the Raven

here’s the car. old pics with old rims are in Alaska. newer pics with new rims are in FL…i’ll get better pics soon i hope. maybe i’ll get the kit molded in someday too.

sexy car man!

I love those rims :smiley: They look like the one I wanted for my black z :cry:

How come your wife is always sittin in the car just waiting? LOL j/k man, looks good.

Gawd i love that hood!!!1 I wish i had the cash :frowning:

lol…that’s all she did when i was in Tacoma, eh? the first pic is my sister in law though. my wife doesn’t like to pose with the car much…she sees that car as competition for my attention.

Tell her that if she poses for the car she will always be in the pic and that means you will be looking at her, LOL. (gets a little perverted here) You could also tell her, the hotter she poses for the car, you might stop taking pictures of the car and just her. :roll:

Those silver rims are just like mine mmmmm Motegi

they are actually Powerlines. kind of a no name brand i got at Pep Boys a few years back on sale for 750. Miscad owns them now…i think he’s selling them for 350.

the rims i have now are Speedy Lite-6’s. i wanted the 5 spoke, but they don’t make them in the right size. they are an Australian made rim, and weigh in at 16.5 lbs each…for 17’s that’s pretty damn light.


still looking sexy as hell tim, i might have some new suspension goodies that i have been fabin up. i think you might be interested :lol:


lookin good tim

hmm…tax return season…wife getting a good job…i AM interested :smiley:

Dead post, I know but if zxtwou2 sees this: what kind of rims are those in the first pic, also howd you get your gauges like that? Would it be possible to do it in red? and lastly whatd you ue to lower your car, coilovers or springs? It looks hot.


wow, haven’t been on here for a LONG time…i haven’t had internet in almost a year. those rims in the first pic are the powerline’s i got at pep-boys 4 years ago. and alaska to florida isn’t the half of it…it went with me since 2000 from IL to canada, then canada to florida, then back to IL…then to virginia, then to alaska, then florida, now back to IL since i’m out of the coast guard now.

ZXtwuo2, were in Il are you located? I have some friends up that way.

welcome back tim! so you leave florida when we’re on our way down huh? Steph and I are moving to Daytona in July

you finally got out…hope that things are going well, and that you are happier…

long time, no hear…

How you been?

Get in touch with me so we can do some catching up…
The Fanta Z has come along way since you last saw it…