Some Pics of my Z

Hey guys i dont post over here much but i think imma try to participate more some of you prob know me from teamzx2 im on there alot anyways heres some recent pics of my 98mtx.

Current specs:
98 Mtx
Denim Blue
15" Rota slipstreams
Bridgestone potenza 009g 195/60/15 tires
Eibach Prokit
S/R Struts
Iceman CAI
Leather Wrapped steering wheel.
Prob something im forgetting

Soon to be added
Supreme Pefromance Muffler 3" tip (looks alot like an S/R borla)

Future Plans
Ditch red drums
Paint Calipers again.
OBX Header
2.5 Catback

Hope you guys enjoy please comment.

Thanks for looking :smiley:


nice ride. :sunglasses:

Hey imcrazy07, welcome to the site! Glad to see you over here!

Thanks darth maverick glad to be here,

crimson thanks for the comment.

I’m diggin’ the black on blue. Nice.

  • Darron

very nice ride man…black and blue is an excellent color scheme…

Unless of course it’s your face. :wink:

  • Darron

this is true…unless of course that was a sacrifice to make your bank account really green then it’s still a good color scheme…

lol yeah black ‘n’ blue looks good on the car but not on your face.