some pics of a tibby near my house

some of you have seen it before just not all 1 color

not bad 4 a $500 paint job

I was just gonna say, that paint looks sorta eh… not so high quality. to each his own.

looks ALOT better then b4

I never got to see it before, what did ti look like?

it only cost him $500 4 paint and body work

in the 2nd pic u can see the zx2 still in primer :cry: it will be back in paint soon


sounds like a neon we have around here.

Just one color? And “everything” on it painted all the same? I think it is ugly. Just my opinion.

Could use a second color to accent the lime green.

the interior is the same green and blue
i think hes getting blue vinal

hey Koi, is the neon your refering to custom painted or the limited make NYG neon?

The NYG were the RT package i think in Nitro Yellow Green color. I have only seen 1 in my area.

No I mean there is a neon that is white, with a red fender, a blue rear bumper and another fender which is in primer.

oh lol!!!

oh yea yea…that’s the custom patchwork paint…it’s the next big in thing…

remember it’s not a race car unless there is primer on it. this rule has been in effect since the 50’s. no primer show car.

oh yea my car has 2 primered fenders, a silver trunk lid, misc primered areas. it’s been in a fight to survive most of it’s life.

A blue vinyl on a Lime Green car? Where have I seen that before?

Hmm…The guy that owns this car, is his name Paul Walker? I could have swore that Paul Walker drove an Eclipse with that very paint scheme in “The Fast and the Furious.â€?

I really don’t know what to think about it. Quite interesting…I think that he should have painted it black with lime green as the accent color but that is just my opinion.


That’s funny I know the guy with the tibby and i remeber him saying he wanted a car like that.I drove past there today but Nick was not home.

Roush I was parked in front of your z for a few.When does it get painted?


2 weeks it goes in on may 29 it will be done by that weekend

edit ive got to get pics of the interior youl guys will laugh your asses off

The color is awesome , to bad it rained and fucked up the shine , keep up the good work no matter what anyone says ~


I like that Tib.

Koi, you can call that Neon’s paint job “Quilted.” lol

  • Darron

Paint and clearcoat helps in aerodynamics at high speeds. The air waves will glide off the car instead of smacking rough primer. Thats why NASCAR vehicles use glossy materials in the outer shell. You’ve never noticed how much faster the acceleration is on the highway after you waxed your car?