Some new pics!

Here ya go! Let me know what ya think!

Oh… and a quick pic of my new toy. :smiley:

I am hoping to move all my webdev to my mac soon. I am not actually just using the tv for a monitor :stuck_out_tongue: lol Just have it hooked up right now so I can play with it.


A MAC? Where did we go wrong with him Mark? He seemed OK when he was younger…



Well, at least we are running the intel processors now.

:-D :-D

I like my mac allot. :stuck_out_tongue: It was money well spent. Web design is pretty nice on it so far. I would honestly encourage anyone to buy a mac when they need a new PC. They are really nice machines and Apple Support rocks.

Not to mention you guys can ask me anything. I’m a few months away from an Apple Genius certification and will be working at an apple store after next semester.

Sweet. So why does my Mac Mini not wake up after its been sleeping then? lol

Check and do a search for the mac mini firmware updates, or go to the apple menu > software update and see what comes up.

I personally dont like the new mustang , but its very nice…hopefully you’ll do some custom work on it .

Nice stang…turbo FTW!!