some new pics



If that paint holds up…you have to tell me what kind you used.

Looks awesome dude:) Good job:)


thanks all the doors look better in person my camera showes EVERYTHGING even the smallest glare

Thats Freaking awesome! Real good job on those door panels, really good work!

Looks good man :wink:

I think you ruined the car its to overboard ~not nice , but rice! :lol:

I feel like im stalking you LOL.Every Monday,Wedesnday,and Friday,Im one block over from you,You car does look much better in person.BTW-I talked to you on the phone and you did not say hi to me

great job roush!!!

if u gave me a second i would have i told tom to tell ya that you just talked to me

if you ever see the car in person it flowes together w the whole sceem of the car. I think zx2angle is the only one on this board thats see the car in a whole

i see his car all the time never seen him just the car but it does look better inperson

zx2angel… have you posted any pics of your ZX2 yet??

More than likey ive been on the zx2 fourms for 7 years,Pix of my zx2’s are around here somewhere,but here is a pic anyway.
BTW- Have you posted pix of your zx2 yet?

not yet… if its sunny here my car is dirty and i cant clean it… or its a day like this where its pouring… damn the weather

i just assumed that you were new… didnt look at the join date. only 19 posts

did you clear them panels as well as paint??

a Z always be a Z…just click him :wink:

yep i cleared them w/ autobody clearcoat