Some kid's not so fictional speeding ticket

This 16-year-old kid got nailed in indiana going 142mph in a 55mph zone in indiana in an inpreza.

I got stopped in washington state for going 81 in a 70. I thought that sucked. That kid much have crapped himself when he saw the red and blue lights.

Racing is fun and all but I bet that kid got his car impounded.

ehhh his parents wont be mad cause he tried to get home on time

it will get pushed back in the court system for a year. After wich time the cop will have busted many other people for doing far worse things. It will get knocked down to a speeding ticket, and they will call it a day.

My question is why did he stop… At 142mph that cop car (unless it was Cali’s Lamboor any 1 of 6 Vipers) is not catching up.

I wonder if Washington has a do not chase law. My favorite part in this story is that he wasn’t even racing anyone. Plus, in Washington, don’t they have forest areas and farm land? With an Imprezza and AWD, I would have taken the cops on an off road journey. But that’s only if I were doing 142mph in the first place.

and he thought he was getting his ass beat for being late…

Ah, those good ol’ boys. :smiley:

[color=orange]Mirror…This genius was in Indiana, not Washington. Tommy Atomic is the one that got pulled over in WA.

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I believe washington do have a do not chase law. Something about endangering the public and damaging public property.

Does indiana have a D/N chase law? At 142mph he could have potentially kept going assuming that he wasnt attempting to outrun their radios. Granted running from the police is incredibly stupid but so is going 142 mile an hour in a 55 on the freeway.

A Ford Crown Victoria
Engine: 4.6-liter 250-horsepower SOHC V-8
0-to-60 time: 8.4 seconds
Transmission: Four speed automatic, rear-wheel-drive
Gross Vehicle Weight: 5016lb

I wanna say that the speedometer on a Crown Vic is pegged at 120. But I dont think they have a gov. If they clocked the kid doing 142 it might have taken the cop(assuming there is only one) a while to catch up to the kid. 250horses is keen and all that but 5000LBs is alot of weight to move.

On the other hand he could have been pulled over by a Dodge Charger with a 425HP V8. There is really no running from that in an Imprezza except maybe off road.

Don’t forget that some areas, like mine, have Impalas with tuned LS-1s in them. They could have caught up in one of those.

same here. most of the local police departments have the LS1 Imps.