Solid Trans mount

where can i get one?!

ya gotta specify which one you’re talking about. there are 3

all haha
im thinking my front one is bad my third pops out and the mount is cracked has all these goodies, they are ES inserts. Or u can make your own with window weld. I have front and rear inserts on my scort plus shift stablizer bushing.

ebay is usually the best place, or summit. their shipping charges are a lot less than zxtuner’s. energysuspensiondealer or something like that on ebay is where i got my master kit, at good deal.

Zxtuner has had some issues recently. I might get a hold of rob one of these days and ask what it is up. He was texting fine to me a month ago…but I question his business.

Just need to remember rob has expanded his business and does most of the work himself. He can only do soo much and has pioneered alot for us. We should still support him all we can!!

I had the same problem. The second I gave my car gas after putting it into third it would pop out of gear. I thought I had a bad a synchronizer, so I pulled the transmission out to have it repaired. Which wasn’t a total waste because my spider gears were toast, again at 183,000. I checked all my mounts and the transmission mount towards the firewall that mounts to the lower brace was broken. I ordered the energy suspension mounts that says, “Mounts in two torque positions.” I am guessing that is probably not one of them though.

Has anyone used the Energy mounts??? What are the two torque positions that they are referring to? There are the two mounts on the lower crossmember, then the one at the front of the engine and the one mount that the hydraulic lines bolt to for the slave cylinder. Which mounts do these inserts replace?

they dont replace the mounts, but do more of a shim job on the front and rear one to make them more solid. they fit inside the oem mounts in the rubber sections

Mellow is correct. With this they make everything super tight so it doesn’t flex as much as a normal mount would. For solid you would have to fill it with your only polymerase(or what ever it is) and make it solid that way. With this you do increase the more noise and vibration at idle.

lmao you mean polyurethane

I believe you’re thinking of dna polymerase, a biological enzyme :lol:

LMAO…ya I said “what ever it is”. I was so fricken tired and spell check wasn’t working for me yesterday. I had a big brain fart day. This is why we have you around.