Solid front strut bar

I have a group buy goin on at and want to expand to other communities so here i am. Is there any interest with this here? 2 styles will be available. First will be a sinlge bar across with rounded mounting plates. 2nd will be single bar across with triangulated braces at each end.
100 for the single bar 120 for the bar with braces. Production begins in about 2 weeks (may 19th) IF i have 10 buyers, i already have 4 possibly 5 over at team zx2. Any questions can be asked here and i will answer them all to the best of my ability. Or if you prefer you can email me at

I don’t know about anyone else…but 100 bucks+ is a helluva lot of cash to drop on a strut bar…

  • Darron


What’s it made of, how’s it bent, and how much testing have you done? I really hate to be a dick, and you can ask around, normally I’m not, I just don’t want to be fleeced again. coughIANcough
What’s your background in relation to automotive performance??


Stuff is not cheap to get made just to let you guys know. Not all of us have money but how do you really expect things to be made for our cars if no one wants to pay more than $20 for somthing. Aside from that though I think it would be cool to get one but I got a couple of $700 payments I have to make this month and the begining of next month for school :frowning: So I am running alittle tight on funds though. If you possibly have some pics of a protype or somthign similar I would like to see it. Thanks,

Chris I know what you’re saying, and I’d be willing to pay (and have paid) more than $20 bucks for pretty much everything done to my car, but you gotta remember what this is…a strut bar…definitely not worth $100 unless it’s gold plated for the bling effect…which would be uber gay. Weird thing…I just did a quick search on Maxima strut bars (first car I could think of) and there were a number over $100…I still don’t think it’s worth it…

  • Darron

A strut bar can definatley be worth $100+, if it is solid, non adjustable, welded, and triangulated.
If this guy can prove that it’s worth it, I’ll give him the money yesterday.

If he makes it like mine… It will be hella stiff… Mine is Hollow tubing and it took me approx 5 hrs to make from start to finish if I hadnt taken breaks.

The tubing is just over 1" 0D. The walls are approx 3/16" thick and the plates on the end are 3/16"…

that looks nice how much was your bar to make

Ok, this is what I payed total, make shure you read the entire list…

$3.00 Is what I payed to make it… LOL

  1. I went to a local metal shop and got the flat stock from them. They gave me a piece 7" wide, and approx 31" long for free b/c I told them it was for a project for school (which it was, I was making it in metal class)

  2. The round stock I bought from school and total it measured out a little shorter thant 5.5 feet for $3

  3. I already had spraypaint so that was “free” but just add say $5 for that

  4. Bondo. I smeared a lil on the seams to make them smoother b/c my welds look like poo when I weld round stock… I already had that, but if you dont, you can pick up a small amount for like $6~7 or so.

Then of course you need a lil sandpaper to sand everything down smooth…

If I didnt get the flat stock free, and didnt have spraypaint or bondo, I was looking at a total of around $25…

That does look really sweet, especially because you built it yourself.

i think we can build one like that a lot cheaper if you guys are interested, and maybe make it more asthetically pleasing.

That i would be very interested in.

do you pefer it to be Bi-metal as in steel and aluminum or straight aluminum or straight steel also thought about making one with the Zx2ms logo on it for the members.

I’ll take a nice aluminum one :wink:

ill run it by Roger, our metal fab genius

i would really be interrested.

ill start on one next week and submit photos

Im in on it too. :smiley: