Solid front motor mount??

has anyone here installed the front motor mount they received from my GB on teamzx2?

I beleive they have gotten them but installed yet not sure.

I got mine, and it’s awesome, but I don’t have an engine lol…I’ll let you know in March :]

cool, well I have plenty more for those who are interested

I’d like one for the passenger side motor mount:)

I’ll install mine tonight. Except my ZX2 is in non running condition. (turbo build). I would like to know when your going to be producing a rear mount and passenger side. (doesn’t have to be completely solid)

Alright, all holes seem to align correctly. I have yet to finish the install of the motor mount. (i’ve been working on other things too).

let us know how it works out for ya

My car is still in the shop, as soon as I get it back i’ll install mine. What is the word on passenger and rear development?

Here’s a picture for side by side reference between stock to darkstarmotorsport’s

did it fit in there?

Still working on it actually. I’m waiting for a friend to help out, I can only do so much by myself.

To me it just seem’s like the new one is a tad bit taller than the old one. That is why I am confused or maybe its just me.

Your right, it’s just a tad higher than the stock. But this will not interfer with any operations issues. I have a couple Ford aspire/festiva guys already runnng this mount with no issues

Started a thread for it;


High I’m new here, but I used window urethane adhesive to mod my stock mount on the front and rear or the trans and I like the balance between it being solid but still dampens the engine vibrations. The key is to let it dry completely before installing the mount.

hows vibrations at idle?

The vibrations at idle have smoothed out allot but my car hasn’t had any bad vibrations to date. The best thing I noticed is the car is more responsive out of the hole. The clutch doesn’t seem to slip as much and the motor doesn’t rock back and forth when i take off and stop. It was a cheap alternative to urethane motor mounts.