So it's been a while

Ok so I havent been on here for a while. So I figureed that I would stop by and say hi. Also heres a list of new mods to my 2000 S/R, new transmission with SPIDER 4 gears and a 7.5 pound fidanza flywheel. I also bought a built motor for nitrous use only. It comes with JE PISTONS supposed to be 13.5.1 compression I think. OLIVER connecting rods, STAGE 4 RACE CAMS, FULL PORT AND POLISH HEAD, CUSTOM THROTTLE BODY, He says it was built by DEMON MOTORSPORTS in Kansas City. It has 4,500 miles on it and ran a 12.9 with a 100 shot on it and a 13.6 all motor. That picture is NOT IT, AND THOSE TIMES WERE NOT IN MY CAR WITH THE EXHAUST WORK!!!

Ah yes, you were the one unfortunate enough to have some ricer guy burnout into your car i think sorry to hear that :frowning: glad to hear you got the car up and running, hows it feel? Welcome back BTW.

It feels really good now. Cant wait to get it to the track and spank a couple of V8’s!!! Im afraid of braking axles I didnt replace those. The guy that had this motor before me had stock axles and it was ok so I guess it will work. He also claims that he dynoed the car on spray at 340 whp!!!

340hp? hmmm… i’d like to see the dyno chart…

Either way, be careful, probably wouln’t be hard to snap an axle with a lot of hp if its stock. Don’t forget about the tranny.

its 340whp with 100 shot of spray and supposed to be around 265 whp all motor. Trust me its all there!!! Also the people at ford told me that the stock axles can hold up to about 400whp

Is that what an engineer told you or a technician?

I believe its been proven before that the stock axels, while possibly running 400whp for a bit, wont hold!

anything over i believe 180 or 190whp needs to be upgraded axels and tranny. That motor may feel like it has the 340whp, but get it dynoed, dont trust someons word for it, you will probably be disappointed at the results.

Were not saying that your BSing us, but, after having experience with the ZX2 and reading other posts about axles and trannys that break after 200whp, it makes 340whp hard to believe on stock axels.

get it dynoed!

Ok I will get it dynoed in my car, But Im just saying that he claimed thats what it made. A technician told me that it would be ok. I really hope he didnt lie to me because that means I am lieing to you I dont do that to people.

Mark is right, its been proven. There are a reason there are better axles for sale on… but I don’t know why ford would make axles and tranny parts to hold up to 400hp stock when the car is dyno’d at around 110 to the wheels truly… it’d be like making a scooter bike with reinforced titanium frame and a bulletproof window… who’s going to need it? Just wasted money for the company when they can make something basic to suit everyone. Thats what aftermarket is for.

I don’t look at it like you are lying… but you were given false information. Which is not your fault, but the fault of whoever told you

besides were here to help answer your questions and get information straight so that you dont end up ruining your car.

We dont think your lieing. Most of us have been told stuff about our cars that at some point we found out was false. We feel like idiots then, but gloat about it till that happens. Just trying to prevent that from happening.

Ok guys thanks for the information and when I get it dynoed I will post the chart but give me a little while. I am short on money right now. Thanks again for the help. Also honestly what should I expect on hp from the motor with those mods done NO NITROUS

I have no idea what kind of numbers you can get with those mods. The one thing that stands out is the compression ratio (13.5:1) you gave. All I know is don’t ever think of running a turbo or supercharger with that compression ratio.

That compression ratio is so high, you can almost use diesel fuel at 14:1 compression ratio.

260 w/o nitrous sounds about right for a motor built like that, good stuff, if you dont mind how much did you pay for it?
ps at 13-1 your goint to have to run some insane octane, we run 13.5-1 on our race cars lol we have to run 113 octane blend, and 15-1 on the other and have to run alcohol on that lol so good luck lol

Ok so I bought the motor from my friend for $750, transmission for $400, stage 3 centerforce clutch and fidanza flywheel came with the transmission. And I will be running half 93 octane with half cam 2 race gas which is 110 octane.

a few things try using nitro methane as a fuel aditive i’ve run a 20% mix w/ 93oct with no probs. It should drop you 1/4 times by a 1/2 second if used right and when my tranny blew a few years ago i shredded my axels at the same time and im at around 188whp on a 50 shot of NOS so i would change those axels if your going to beat on that car at the track. I have FR axels now that can handle up to 400hp. I think the guy at the dealership was thinking of them not the oem ones

How much did the FR axles cost? And where can I get them?

i think they were around $300 i ordered them from a svt dealership around here it all was on 1 very large tranny rebuild bill but now i can play w/ NOS AND NITRO METHANE with out any worrys about our shitty tranny’s

So are there any pics or vids to show off this car?

This machine sounds incredible, and I’d like to get a looksy…

if you mean mine
Click here to watch exaust29
its a clip of it ; it takes a bit to load

I meant 00zx2. But that’s cool too. Hahah.