so is there any........

SO…is there any other solo2/autocrosser’s out there besides me, love to talk to anybody interested.

i have always been interested… but there is nothing in my area to get started in the sport. what do you suggest?


where do you live?? I will do some research and see what i can find. Sound good???

sullivan county NY

the middle of no where.


Know of anything in Kansas I bet theres not :frowning: I’ve always wanted to try road racing.

Not none that I’ve ever heard of.

I do autocross in central oregon. GR2 struts, suspension techniques springs, full energy bushings and Kumho Ecsta supra 712s for tread. Unfortunately the season is coming to a complete end :frowning:

I autocrossed all the time before I got shipped to England. Now I’m looking into Gymkhana.

York, Pennsylvania, never Auto X but I want to.

What the heck is GymKhana?

I love autocross. Did it once at the end of the season though. So now I got to wait till spring.

you know i autoX kyle :smiley:

btw, i’m getting rid of my Sprints…let me know if you find a good set of trustworthy coilovers or cheap H&R’s.

Gymkhana is what the Brits and Japanese do. Very similar to Autocross, but it differes in the fact that there are few cones with an elaborate route around them. You are judged not only by time, but also by how well you did the route.

i have some insane videos of Gymhkana from Britain. one of them is a dude in a R500% (Caterham Super-7) and just watching that guys skills makes me wanna cry. maybe if i get the chance tomorrow i’ll host it and post it.

We can host it in our galleries here(preferred). If you want you can upload it to your gallery or e-mail it to us ( and we’ll get it uploaded into the general videos and link it in.

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If u want, send it my way and I could put it up on my site. Im going to host vids and pics of ZX2 related stuff along w/ amazing videos (like yours).

send it to