So far what has to be replaced....

The band, The case, rebuild kit, torque converter, and the engine and transmission mounts. who knows if anything else has to be replaced.
I found a tiny tiny screw about 1/4 inch long in the bottom of the transmission pan along with some other metal particulates. They were pieces from tabs in the case that are supposed to separate the two snap rings. This is the reason why i need a new case.
All my parts so far are up to about 700 dollars.

You have a pic of the damage to the case…also the screw? The case splits in two. If your bell housing section is good i may have a rear half of the case laying about, it would save buying an entire core. The rear half of the transmission is the same whether it is from a SPI or Zetec. Also if there was alot of metal circulating throughout the transmission you may want to consider a new tranny pump. Also would be good to note that replacement of the input sprag is recommended as they are prone to failure and can explode quite literally.

i wish i would have known that. I ordered one today and cant send back it is costing 250 dollars.

where did you order it from? and can i still see a pic of your case damage in curious as i have never seen a F4A-III, F4EAT damage its case.

its at school i might be able to get a picture. Its above the piston, spring, one way clutch and low reverse clutch pack sits. The two snap rings that are almost together but seperated by 2 small grooves well on three tabs these grooves were in the bottom of my pan. PS the screw came undone from the valve body

is the screw one of the ones that held the separator plate to the valvebody?

its the one where it screws in to one piece of the valve body. The other part of the valve body curves around it.

PS i ordered a band if i hadnt stated that already and a coast spring. One of the springs were snapped…

i was in detroit over the weekend with school. Checked out the ford plant and museum.

The transmission is almost done. I just have to put valve body, pan and filter back in. This will complete the rebuild. Hopefully it doesnt blow up on the transmission dyno.

We have faith in you, young Jedi!

so today wasted about 2/3 class setting up tranny on the dyno. Well everything was going good. Forward pressure was between 150-175 and reverse was at 300 psi. Well putting it through the gears because they didnt have the right axle shaft mock part they didnt use one. The side gear shaft jammed everything up.
So now if i cant just take the two halves apart, I will have to take everything apart and put back together.

Today we ran again on the trans dyno. There was no overdrive, but had all other gears. According to the application chart, it should have overdrive. I lined it up with the engine today. Hopefully it will be in tomorrow.
wish me luck