So anybody else getting excited about summer?

So does anybody have any big plans for this summer or doing anything?

I am getting the z ready on figuring out the chemicals and what I want to use again this year. So far looking around 12-15 to top it off this year. I am working with meguiar’s on certain products to even bring back the mustangs finish hopefully. Granted she is super old and nothing can probably save it.

Other than looking for a new job hopefully coming up one of these days(if economy kicks over). If that happens I will be a very happy man.


meh right now Id be happy to get this fugger running right at all :?

Always excited about summer…

I can’t wait to get the jetski out, the motorcycle, to drive with the windows down, to swim, to spend the entire day in nothing but shorts, to stay out until 7 am every night.


This is my last summer as a kid. After this I have to be responsible. I am definitely looking forward to this.

Summer good!!!

Hopefully I’ll have this thing running in a few weeks!!

haha sounds like you guys are ready.

Cappy be a kid as long as you can man. I might have to enjoy this summer as a kid as well. It’s fawkin great. Jet ski being on a lake like you are would be a dream. Hop on it and just go with nobody to stop you.

Now for windows down…I wouldn’t mind having somebody’s car that posted and maybe hearing a little turbo action…hmmm now that could be fun :wink:.

mellow…your answer for fixing your car is finding a local hill and it some how got pushed down. By who we will never find out but it would fix the problems…jkjk

troof :cry:

Dont worry bud it’ll get better

I’m excited for the sex. Pure and simple.

For the sex? I don’t get it. You can’t do that in the winter?

the summer is always exciting. no classes, and putting all my earnings into my car. if all goes well i might hit up some amateur drifting events here in Georgia, but that’s a long way away.

Riding season is kicking up and i already have some great sportbike events booked and ready to go. I also have some trackdays planned so i’m excited for the summer. I will be mostly working on the 924 for getting it restored for track days.

Sounds like a blast guys. Making me jealous. I need to get something booked and have fun atleast this summer.

SOOOO Many projects planned for this summer. I dont even know where to beginning. Oh yeah, maybe I need to make some money first to complete them!!! =)

haha ya money would help always for anybody. If I could have the funds it would be PRP(pro racing package) and LSD for this guy. Probably would build a turbo kit too at the same time.

just going to finish up my motorbuild that I’ve been doing over the winter, hopefully I have it up and running before show season. Running out of time lol

Are you getting one of those MFactory Lsd’s also for your car’s build?