Small Mid-west Meet in Anderson Indiana, Install and Track Day.

I would be willing to co-ordinate a small mid-west meet in Anderson/Muncie Indiana for the weekend of October 13th. Friday would be a quick install day if you get here early enough. Saturday afternoon the local dragstrip opens at 10am, test and tune at noon, and eliminatioins at 6pm. Price is $10 for spectators, kids under 12 are free. I think it is $25 to race on Saturday. You’ll get in at least two TT runs and maybe 3-5 runs during eliminations. Even if you get eliminated you can still race, just not for the prize money. Prize money for street tire class is $100.

Sunday we can spend just hanging out. We have a mall, a couple theatres, and a local ricer spot. There are several sports bars and bowling alleys to. Motel 6 here in Anderson is not bad and it quite cheap. Usually $32 a night. If you are certain you can come just reply here. I’ll find out if Motel 6 gives a group discount. If you need to MapQuest to find out how far it is here, just use ZIP code 46013.

Know where i can get a manual tranny in IN

Junkyard or Ebay. I need to find one for the wifes car now.