Slight miss/bucking when cold

My '99 ZX2 has just developed a slight miss while cold. It goes away after about five minutes and runs fine. I have previously did a Keman mod, fuel filter and plugs. I also just switched to synthetic. The car has run great until today. Could it be plug wires? Maybe some MAF cleaner? There is also no check engine light. Thanks for any ideas that you guys may have.

UPDATE: I just started it this morning and it runs like sh__! It sounds like it is only running on 2 instead if 4 and it has thrown a code. I need to go buy a scanner to check it. Any ideas? Help!

I would check the plug wires if you haven’t done so already. Since you also just put new plugs in I would Also check that your spark plugs are seated properly. I blew a spark plug out once and had to have a thread kit put in for the spark plug. You may also want to check the coil pack make sure your wires are pushed all the way done on it.

Could be a bad ignition coil, wire and even plug gapped wrong. With this pull the plugs out and see if there running rich or lean making sure there is gas going to the plug. Also make sure gap is right. I remember out of no were my coil pack went out in my z. Sounds like 2 cylinders firing.

The thing finally threw a code and it WAS the coil. I replaced it for $40 and she runs great again. Luckily it happened now instead of on Monday. I have to take a 350 mile trip in it!

Nice same thing that happened to me. Sweet glad to hear you got it fixed. I bet she runs like a champ now.

glad to hear you got it fixed before your trip!