I can only imagine the look on the driver’s face as the bus catches up, passes, then OUT MANEUVERS AND PULLS AWAY from the pack!

I always thought agressive passing wasn’t allowed on track days. Thats one mean bus, and a great driver too.

Hella tight!

Soory…I know I’m white…I’ll stop now…

  • Darron

I think I would go home with my head in shame after that. Screw the fact that the bus is faster, not an impossable feat, but the way he killed those turns… dammit boy! I think I would cry, no check that… I would cry.

I don’t think the bus was faster, the driver definitely was, I think he just made an aggressive move.


I don’t know it pretty much walked away in that strait… but you are most correct int he fact that that driver was well skilled and vary oriented to the vehicle.