Since I'm "new" here it's my list:

Since I’m getting advice about stuff that I’ve got some of:
custom cai w/ tornado & K&N
19# gold top injectors
180* thermo w/ “30 below” coolant add.
paceshitter header w/ copper head& collector gaskets
gutted cat w/ MIL elim. w/ custom 2.25 outlet & flex
paceshitter catback
2.25 exhaust dump behind resonator
UDP & alt. ODP
gutted rear seat & trunk
trunk mount battery
ES motor mount inserts
19 mm RSB
ES sway-bar bushings (not just end links)
short-shifter w/ES stabilizer bush.
MSD coil
8 mm double silicone wires
motorcraft double plats
knocker mod
5% tint
custom gold rally stripes
lightweight 17" 5-spokes
205/ 40z17 khumos >goin’ w/ taller& wider tires,soon!
toggled speed limiter (for CC)
adj. cam gear being shipped at this time
pioneer cd head
audiobahn rear dash
boston acoustic doors
adj. cam gear being shipped at this time

nice list. good luck with the prodject.

you doknow that your doing more harm than good buy having a gutted cat? Other than that not a bad mod list.

If you are using the MIL eliminator, that would removing the CAT from the equation in general.

Unless you are getting the Pacesetter used, I would just save up for a full length header. Unless you have to at least look like you are in compliance with emissions, full length is the way to go.

Yeah the Kami or the focussport is on my wish list $$. Hey stomper, why do you believe the gutted cat harms? Please elaborate more. I was of the impression that it acted as a hollow resonator, but help me understand what you’re saying. I think she sounds very aggressive @WOT, and performs quite well, too.


even a highflow-cat provides some back pressure. If i remember correctly this helps performance down-low. a gutted cat elimanates the back-pressure, thus hurting performance.

Back pressure hurting performance? That is just back asswards.

A cat will have a bit of restriction from the core. Removing that should eliminate some resistance to airflow.

I’ve never driven a hollowed out cat modified car, but it should help a little bit. Just don’t expect anything major.

i meant the lack of back-pressure can hurt performance.

PnPing my TB today. Please look at my post on “Contour TB swap” thread.

That’s still pretty wrong dude. What you are thinking about is air flow. Too much (lack of “back pressure” if you will) from having a large diameter pipe will lose power down low, but too little (high back pressure) will kill power all around.

in terms of exhaust what is the difference other then terminology?

Well, back pressure is going to be anything restricting the free flow of exhaust gasses. Having a small diameter pipe, or harsh bends will cause resistance, or back pressure.

Air flows most efficiently at 500 or something mph. I’m not sure about the exact speed, but it’s really fast. Any faster than that, and it won’t flow as well, and any slower will do the same. That’s a pretty basic explanation of it, since I can’t remember much of the specifics, but I’m pretty sure it’s along those lines.

A lot of people get the two mixed up, so it’s not a big deal. It’s just a bit of a pet peeve of mine when people say something like back pressure helps performance. Anything that resists the free flow of air through the exhaust is going to be bad. IE the core of a CAT will cause some restriction.

I’m pretty sure that I have some back pressure caused by the spaghetti pipes of the paceshitter, plus the resonation of the gutted cat (turbulence.)
The only way I would be able to cause detrimental lack of back pressure would be to unbolt the collector flange and go w/ uncapped header. Our cars are four cylinders and I think everyone’s concern about back pressure is a wasted emotion, cause a DOHC doesn’t need much to begin with. The paceshitter cat-back resonator causes some back pressure along with the hollow muffler (the pipes are off-set) Like I said- I think she sounds pretty aggressive @ WOT, and has impressive low and top end gains. I’m not loaded, so I’ve put what I can afford in her. BTW my wife SCREAMS if I spend a little bit on something, so try to be understanding even though I have a hard time doing so. “Honey, I don’t UNDERSTAND why you’re pissed about my Z.” :roll:

Yeah, the small pipes of short headers will cause a bit of restriction, but the cat won’t. It’s certainly not an ideal flow path into and out of the cat, but it’s going to act like a big resonator (resonators are just larger sections of hollow pipe).

I don’t care if that’s all you can afford. I know there are a lot of people that can’t afford super expensive mods. I’m just trying to clear up some confusion on terms that people use.

Yeah, dude I’m with ya. I was just trying to clear up the idea that I have detrimental lack of back pressure. I’m glad to know that people’s best intentions are here.
Hollow cat w/ paceshitter header= big resonator w/ sufficient back pressure
BTW the resonator further downsteam isn’t just a large hollow pipe, but a ported tube surrounded by fiberglass inside a larger tube.

Right, but most aftermarket resonators (at least ones that I’ve seen, no means a complete list), are going to be hollow tubes that are larger than the rest of the exhaust.

I just installed my essy cam gears yesterday (+2-int./-8 exh.), and suspension techniques springs, too. I pulled the springs from a 99 at the j-yard for $24 YAY!
Oh yeah i got the Recaros from an MX3 in too @ $14 each!
oh DAMN, I haven’t been around for awhile and almost forgot I got SCT 6600 switch chip a coupla months ago.
I also BROKE (split in half- right down the middle) one of my five spokes, so I nabbed a set of gunmetal Enkei m1’s

I also BROKE (split in half- right down the middle) one of my five spokes...

Damn! How the hell did you do that?

Driving the freeway @ 65-70 I hit a hole on the edge of a bridge that had a metal beam that ran cross-way, so the wheel broke when the inside lip caught the high side (metal) of the hole. I took the rim to a place here that repairs, refinishes & makes custom wheels and they said it was only the second one they had ever seen do that. Just to clarify- it split paralell to the bead down the middle, not across the diameter. I thought I pinched the side-wall, but my wife had to bring my spare, and as I was feeling the inside for the “tear” she said “whats that on the inside?” I said “holy shit!”