side mirrors....lookin for a confirm

I know their arn’t mirrors out their for our x2s but I’ve heard several people shout around about fitting other car mirrors to fit. Anyone around here know which one fits the best with the least amount of trimmin. I mean I’m sure I could make anything fit if I work with it long enough but I’d rather spend the time on something else if theirs a good lookin aftermarket side mirror out their thats at least somewhat close.

I saw somewhere that the ones for the 93-97 Honda Accord aftermarket ones fit pretty good. Not shure if those are the right years, but just take some measure ments and degree angles of the triangle and go up to an Accord and compare em.

i believe the shape is the same, however, the mounting is different so you have to fab something up to mount them.

I want to see someone do some carbon fiber mirrors.

I wouldn’t mind having some C/F M3 style mirrors on my car. :slight_smile: Anyone wanna buy 'em for me!? :wink:

  • Darron

I found it about 2 months ago on teamzx2 that you could use accord mirrors, didnt save the link tho. Go over there and search the posts.

Their site is gonna be a pain for awhile…all the posts got reset like ours did when Chris switched to Mambo. (Which is what they did the copy cats! :wink: ) But they did repost all posts TODAY! So they’re all listed as being posted today…what a pain.

  • Darron

go on over to and PM NightRiderZX2, he has M3 style mirrors on his.

ARP makes universal CF mirrors that are said to fit the ZX2. You can pick up a pair for $159.99 plus tax and s/h. I like the look of them, very touring car styled. I am being to lazy right now to find the link to them, but I know they are out there.

u can use s-10 truck m3 mirrors as well there very close to our size