Showing off my Gimp Skils

Well today is only day really two. I dunno been off and on this thing and its addicting had a hard time sleeping since I wanted to learn more about it. Here are some sample photo’s of what I have done so far: By far I am not great what so ever in my mind but just learning. If you do photoshop or Gimp feel free to post up as well on what you have done.

This is done on Gimp 2.6

(Senior Pic. Yes I had ton’s of hair at the time. 2005)

(2006 w/o kit and different rims etc)

(2009 Swap the rims on(I don’t have these rims but different rims if you look at other pictures)

Can’t say I’ve ever heard of GIMP… photoshop on the other hand, thats 2nd nature to me,

I will say though got some good work usin GIMP. Might have to find it and try it out sometime

Its free. Just type in Gimp on yahoo search and it should pop up. Just download and go to town. Some say easier and some say harder. I am still learning which is for sure there is so many buttons and so much to change hahah.

hey you wanna gimpz these wheels onto my car?:wink:
two sources for the wheels:

and my project log should have adequate pics of my car

There ya go Zach. I did this really really quick since I have to go some were this morning. If you want it more detailed let me know bud.

stock suspension phail. I’ll get better starting fodder sometime this week, or I’ll just put 'em on with the slicks they have on 'em still :twisted:

Yea kind of was different to do on that car since the bmw was low and that car was high in the air…not that good yet just learning hahah. Atleast you get the idea.