Shifter Falling Out

Ok please don’t yell at me for not searching because i did. It is really hard to use the search function to get the answer i want. So my shifter is falling thru the floor of my car and starting to rub on my exhaust heat shield. Im pretty sure the bushing that the shifter is sitting in is worn out. I was told by a guy i work with who has been working on cars for 20+ years that they make a whole shifter assembly to replace mine. He said it comes with the linkages and all. Now is this true and if so where can i get it from? I cant find it on a ford parts website anywhere. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

go to a junk yard and pull one of a car it like four bolts were the shifter is and one were it goes on the trans. or is it an auto

^best advice. a clean one from the junkyard. It’s probably available thru mazda for a 90-94 protege but it’s also probably over a hundred bucks

Loosen the shifter bolt on the underside of the car, take the center console out, then pop the spring off around the shifter lever. Then pupp the shifter up and out. There will be 2 plastic bushings that surround that ball. Buy those 2 bushings, one above and below the ball and reinstall. -Jon