Shift light mod, is it possible?

Posted this question on team zx2 also.

Ok, I was going through some wiring diagrams and came up with an idea. Anyone know if it’s possible to hook a LED up to the pink wire going to the cluster (shift light wire)?? Will it have enough current to run a led if I spliced into that wire and hooked up one??? Looking for a 1/4 mile shift light that I can actually see, and I hate the stick ones

Yea it will most leds will work on a 3 map fuse. so make sure you put a fuse in there just to be safe.

and do a write up and we’ll add it to the tutorial section

Make sure you use the correct resister for your LED. If you don’t use one it will burn out. Most LED’s only run on 1.4 volts @ 20ma for the 5mm and 40ma for the 10mm.

5mm led @ 20ma use a 700 ohm 1/4 watt resister.

10mm led @ 40ma use a 350 ohm 1/4 watt resister.

Our cars run around 14 volts while running.

Thanks for the advice. I won’t be doing this till I redo my dash and glass some guages during the winter next year. But I’ll be sure to put up pics when I do