Shift knob question

I guess this is the place to ask about this. Do any of you have any experience with the shifter knobs that have the insert sleeves(8mm,9mm,10mm included as a universal)?If so, are they worth anything? I’d like to know as I’m cheap, but would rather not have the stock shifter knob with the s/r boot.

In my experience they’re cheap pieces of POOPIE! I took mine back 'cause it wouldn’t stay where it was supposed to.

  • Darron

do yourself a favor and spend a little bit for the better shift knobs. The universals slip around ALOT and mar up the shifter threads.

Yeah I would just get one thats made for it. I know ZXtuner has a nice machined one. Its a little round ball but it would work. You could also take anything you want thats solid like a pool ball, beer tap, or other hard material and tap it. :wink: My cousin actually made me a custom shoft knob. I am sure I can get him to make one for you if your willing to put the cash up for it.

thanks guys.

not all universal knobs are bad… I picked one up that had universal caps… the caps screwed into the knob, and from there the caps “carve” into the threads of the shifter. It really ain’t all that bad. Problem is, it was a cheap knob, and the fake C/F is chippin :evil:

caps that carve into the thread are also pos’s. you’ll be driving and all of a sudden ur shift knob starts to spin our… then its nearly impossible to shift.

had it for about 6 months now, only problem is the fake C/F chipping

eh… i dunno

i put on a 35th ann mustang shifter knob on mine , but i put a piece of hARD Plastic tubing on the threads and screwed it on and it works great. no probs