She's naked SFW

I stripped off the grafics in preporation 4 paint this winter. IMO she looks naked and a totally diffrent car

looks good…cant decide if i like it better with the graphics or without …its still sexy as hell though

wow what a difference. She definately looks naked. I like the clean look though, cant wait to see what she like painted.

Woa, does look totally different.

Naked gooooood!!!

Hey Roush, I’ve always liked the the looks of cars without graphics. You do loose “Points” in shows if you have a naked car, don’t ya?

Thanks guys. She does look good I’m just bnot used to seing her with out the grafics. THey have been there for about 5 years.

AS far as points. no you wont Lose points but a well done grafic package caninhance he look or concept of the car and get you more point’s. It makes the WOW!!! factor. I get a lot of coments at shows about the Flames both good and bad. One thing though everyone says is that they flowed with the car and its body lines.


  • Darron

Looks nice, didn’t realize you had kills on the door. What wheels are those?

i liked the flames they were tits :lol:

wats that thing in your back seat? Baby seat?

yeah its a baby seat. lol

the wheels are VOXX RACING WHEELS.


keep them coming ladies post up you guys have been very quiet lately

I think I like it. It does definetly look different though. It’s like looking at Darron’s car except not, lol.


I like how it looks this way. Totally diggin’ it.

Just cannot get over how sweet the WW side skirts look on our cars.

aqnd i thought you were talking about a girl

sry Jayco it was pics of the car with out the grafics.