She's finally done (for now)

So Katie paid to have my windows tinted professionally and the guy even did it with Madico film, looks INSANELY great! I was expecting it to look “good” but ended up LOVING what I got done and it was only $250!

Now, lets start off with what it ORIGINALLY looked like. Honestly, I do not have an original picture I am aware of to date of the car when I got it, those are on a cd somewhere I cannot find but here is EXACTLY what it looked like stock. (keep in mind color has always been the same as the 1st photo, and all photos except the 1st 2 are mine)

Then… for some reason I got a bug in me that wanted stripes.

Then I did some speaker stuff…

Then some gauges…

Got an itch and dropped it and did the suspension.

Then I decided “Nope. That’s not enough. We need more mods!” and did my intake, stripped some stuff out, did my resonators along with some other mods and also custom fabricated brake ducts through the front facia among some other misc things I did…

(this photo sucks, sorry)

Then I thought “I WANT MORE!” And bought some wheels…

I thought “Gee that looks good”

Then my wife said “Hey guess what I did for you for valentines day!”

Only to my amazement I go out in the car and here is a slip for an appointment to get my windows tinted. I thought “This car is as almost close to done as I ever thought it would be!”

Now here’s the before pictures before the tint was done…

Now I’m happy :slight_smile:

I still have more stuff to do to it, but for now, I’m happy with it.

looks good bro… I love that shade of red.


shit V-day i forgot about that day. Oh well the wife forgot also.

nice looks great defenatly a great girl that katie.

nice job with the car man.

wow! looking good Derek! That tint really sets off the car. Now I gotta get my windows tinted.

you have leaves growing by you? now wonder you been riding so much.

Looks very very nice my friend.

  • Darron

i am new to this site i am looking for idears for my girls zx2 i like what u have done to your car.