Service Manual

Hey I am looking for a service manual for my ’02 zx2. Does any one know where I can buy one?

  • to be a little more specific the one with engine and transition specs you know, what a mechanic would refer to.

Thanks. :geek:

I know people buy the Haynes manual. It has a lot of info. I think it’s just for escorts. They should have something at your local autozone.

My recommendation is to buy the Factory Ford Repair Manual and the separate wiring diagram book for the 2002 Ford Escort. Ebay typically has the CD version for 10 bucks and the actual book (preferred) for less than 50 bucks.

I use my “bibles” regularly both when researching repairs for people, repairing my own car, and my own freakish habit of reading them while sitting on the throne and pondering new ideas and understanding of the car.


great deal… heres a buy it now for all 3 books on eBay for 32.99 with 9 days left…

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