Semi Auto Shifter Gettin Stuck And Bad Vibrations From motor

Sometimes when i get ready to put the shifter in whatever gear and its get stuck and u have to press an button on the top right hand with a flat head screw driver. Also when i stop at something i get these rly bad vibrations and it shakes everything and quite frankly its annoying as crap ive been told it was a bad motor mount but wut does anybody else think ?

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Make sure that the bell housing bolts have not loosened up, causing a trans. to engine misalignment. Also, you can try re-centering the mounts per the Ford instructions for minimizing vibration on the ZX2.

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groundsquirrel is correct, these cars are notorious for vibrations on the motormounts. Good things to check :slight_smile:

the automatic is worse than the manual for vibration as well. replacing tired motor mounts with new ones can help too, all4 can be had from rockauto for under $60

If you are serious about trying to smooth her out, then use the factory mounts and, once again, also use the current factory engine alignment procedure. I have found that aftermarket mounts leave a lot to be desired when it comes to the “smooth” factor. Proper engine alignment can only be achieved if your engine cradle/“K” member is properly aligned to the unibody and torqued down.

Yeah im DEF!! trying to smooth her out cause it get pretty bad sometimes and it tends to get on my nervouse but i will def get those oem motor mounts for it.

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check the post on bad idle i put up here - theres a few more things for you to do as well.