seized speed transmission sensor


I’m back, gottta love the twists and turns of life in the fast lane :slight_smile:. okay, trying to take the transmission speed sensor out. Broke it, now its (practically) flush with the differential housing unit. Tomorrow I am going to try to pry it out with a forcept. Dont think it will work. It is too tightly seized to the housing. sprayed som W2 onit and will hope for something better tommorow. will have to buy a small pair of vice grips. otherwise, i stumpted !
someone I know said he might be able to drill into in and pull and tap, but dont know if this is a good idea either.

if it’s not in the car you can try to heat the case a little around the sensor. dont use too much, the speedo ring on the diff is also plastic and you don’t want to jeapordize it