Seat Question...

I was just wondering, do the seats from a Mazda MX-3 fit in the ZX2 easily? I read in a Canadian forum that they may. Also, there seems to be alot of parts(suspension, chassis) that interchange between the MX-3 and our ZX2s. Is this true? Any info helps. :? :?

The recarios do, they bolt up directly. I did some research recently. There are some pics at a thread over at If you are handy with a hacksaw and a drill and happen to have some metal pieces from a bed frame you can make mounts for nearly any after market seat.

Heh, I should do a write up.

Thanks. Found a like-new set of black ones at a wrecker near my place. He only wants $50 for the pair! I’m gonna go get me some seats!!! :smiley:

THAT is an awesome deal my friend. I’ve heard that the feel of them is comparable to racing style seats. Very nice.