Seat belt harnesses

Ok, I just stumbled across some information regarding the racing harnesses that frankly, harshens my mellow…

They may not be legal.

Why would a seat belt that keeps you in the seat not be legal I have no idea, it seems to me the harnesses work better than a normal belt, and I was starting to look forward to removing the stock belts. :x


I don’t have an official answer, but a lot of harnesses aren’t installed properly, there’s supposed to be mounted to a bar directly behind the seat. Cglocks are a good product and is cheap. I’ll try to find a write up of a proper harness bar installation…


Best I could find so far… I have an issue of Sport Compact Car that explained it, when I go home I’ll write it down and type it up.

Hmm. They HAVE to be linked to the back seat?

I always thought for the street Harnesses were illegel. I heard that on the street you could have the harnesses but you have to wear the stock seat belts.

I’ve found some conflicting information. I’ll post it once I’ve sorted through it.

I found an interesting .pdf file:
Also I was reading some stuff on the on safety equipment( … pregs.html ), didn’t read it throughly though.
And another:

Heres another one. They have DOT legal belts it seems, but the prices are a bit up there.

hi, i am from canada

i have harness installed. but i will never use them on the street.

they are suppose to be mount on a rear bar on the roll cage. or the back seat seat belt mount on a 45 degree angle to the back of your driver seat.

i think they are safe, but if you get stopped by a cop in those safty belt, it might lead to more trouble.

That site I posted says they have a series of DOT legal belts. I’m going to investigate further of course, but one of their sets allows for a quick detachment to free up the passenger seats.