SCT stuff

If anyone has any SCT questions etc, give me a holla in here.

Can you give us a brief intro and some basic know how on it??

Anything specific? In general there are two versions… the chip version and the flasher version that updates the ECU with a new tune. With either version we update the ECU with more aggressive fuel/timing maps to upgrade the car’s performance. We can also do lower octane tunes for “gas milage”. that’s a rough summary, I’m sure people have more specific questions, and I’m more than happy to address them.

Mike said he ‘milage’ tune sucks down more gas then the performance burn. Any comments on that?

No idea why honestly, they mileage tunes are setup so that it’s harder to get to open loop from casually playing in and out of throttle (whereas the performance tunes are snappy on the response to go to open loop). He’s sending his chip in to get another tune to try for the ‘mileage’ settings.

Where do we buy the chip from? Doug has had the site setup to accept online orders. There’s a “special instructions” box where you can put in extra tune info after you talk to me (I’ll generally give you something to put there that’s just for you)

vit i got a chip now im thinking of getting a bambachip i’ll get with you on the issue soon
i just have to get a few more parts in that im waiting on and ill get w/ you on getting the bambachip tuned

and we’ve never really got imto any probs so you ok w/ me i guess

Now I went to the SCT site and there is a location near me, wouldn’t it be better if I went there? They have in house dyno which is much more accurate than my butt dyno. Should I order through them?

Or should I order form Bamachips and then check the tunes at the local shop? I’m guessing that Bamachips would be cheaper or more knowledgable if you are recommending them.

If they offer you a good dyno tune, sure why not? Honestly, if you have a bolt on ZX2, the tunes I have for them can only be beat by like… 1 or 2whp after a dyno tune. I spent time on the dyno this year and brought the baseline “ZXTuner” tune, my base SCT tune, my base VCT tune, then my dyno tuned VCT tune. My dyno tuned VCT tune i think only beat out my “butt dyno” tuned VCT tune (hence it was a base) by about 2whp. If the price they offer is decent… sure go for it. I wouldn’t pay extra for 1whp tho. If you would like to see graphs, you can hit me up on my AIM and I’m more than happy to share them.

do you have anything for a duratec v6 thats shoved into the zx2 body ?

I’d have to talk to Doug to see if SCT has updated their software for the Duratecs. I’m assuming you’re running the stock ECU for the duratec?

From a Stock Zx2, how much whp and tq will be gained using the SCT?

I do have basic bolt-ons as of now, but not all. Essy Udp, intake, 19# Mustang injectors and Custom Exhaust from the Cat back. But it is an ATX.

Not too sure about ATX, but MTX generally gains 10whp/10wtq, give or take.

yes i am … its the non svt too… but i have the svt intake manifold and ford racing injectors , adj fuel pressure regulator and walbro 255lph fule pump

Basically it depends on if SCT has provided support for the Duratec ECU’s… something I’ll have to ask Doug next time I get ahold of him.