San Antonio, TX

Hey just tryin to see who’s got a ZX2 around the San Antonio area. There’s a couple car meets around my workplace that have way too many ricers with crap cars thinking they’re all that.

welcome, got any pics of the car? :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m trying to get some good ones to put up here. Where are you located?

I’m in NC

Hey, I just joined the forum, and I’m in San Antonio too. I moved here in January, and got my ZX2 in March. I’m in the Northwest area near I-10 and Huebner.

Right on. I am from San Antonio. Born in Wilford Hall way back in '62. My family still lives on the northeast side.

James Madison High School…class of '80

Anyone got ZX2s in Texas? It’d be cool to meet up some day