s/r mods

what are all the mods that s/r has… and what can i do to better my performance… are the mods that are on it the best i can get or is there better??

There is always better.

I have a S/R and it runs pretty good.
B&M shot throw shifter
Borla exhaust
Tokico struts
Iceman cold air intake
CWQ3 upgraded computer
Center force dual friction clutch

and heres what I have done

Pacesetter header
eliminated all of the cats
install 2 1/4in pipe from header back
different muffler

and coming soon

ACT stage 2 six puck clutch w/ Fidanza flywheel
and a 1/4mile tranny built by CAT
and the SCT x2 tuner

Right now I run a 15.6 @87 mph in the 1/4mile

And I forgot to mention DRAG RADIALS should help alot on the dragstrip. I had a friend say it took off .4 on his time?

Hey CHILLIN what do you have done and whos paying you. Maybe they will pay me! LOL!

ohh and didnt the sr come with the bushing kit too?

Yes, I forgot about the urethane bushings. Thank you hkszx2.

I get paid by whichever dumbass thinks his car is faster then mine. Also bracket racing at the drag strip (like at Import Wars). I pretty much have hotshot intake piping, pacesetter header, stock cat with 2.25" straight pipe into a free flowing muffler. And the pots mod along with Unorthadox 6-puck racing clutch, Fidenza flywheel, B&M shifter, and 16" rims with Fuzion ZRi tires. Now I have the ZXtuner hi-torque intake camshaft, Esslinger adjustable intake cam sprocket, and SCT with 3 different settings: 1. Gas milage 2. Performance 3. 75-shot nitrous (coming soon). So I should be in a solid mid 14 second car. Hopefully seeing 13’s with the nitrous kick.

How do you like those Fuzions?

What are your 1/4 mile times right now CHILLIN? Also how does the clutch and flywheel feel in the zx2? I had one in a 92 civic that ran low 13’s naturally aspirated! It was good for the track but not everyday driving.

It depends if your hardcore, if your a wuss then a 6-puck isn’t recommended for you, especially if you do a lot of stop and go traffic. I don’t know the 1/4 times since the recent cam and sct, the track doesn’t open yet. I love these Fuzion ZRi’s, they make HRi’s too but the Z’s kick ass, I was able to pull almost a 2 second flat on the 0-60ft launching at almost at 4000rpm with a perfect 2nd gear shift. And I also saw an 02 Cobra with Fuzion ZRi’s at a dealership a few weeks ago. My best is a 15 flat but consistantly I can do 15.4 (which is what matters in bracket racing, consistancy), but then again, dont know what I am doing now. I’m looking for a 14.5 for a best, and a 14.8 for consistancy. And top end speed from 138 to 144 at least (havn’t topped it out yet).

eh, with our trannies if you’re shifting hard and go to a 6 puck your tranny won’t last long at least I wouldn’t think, our tranny is sort of the weak spot of our cars. But then again, if you drive sensible it shouldn’t be too bad.

from what im finding out … all ford fwd trannies are weak in the same spots… the mx75 suffers too … good thing i found one with under 30k on it

man s/r’s are a good starting point, sct will make a hella differance, with a header, and you might want to look into a phantom grip for that tranny of yours.

with that deffiantly a solid mid 14 second car, and with the 75 shot, if your engine can hang, id be willing to place money on you hitting a 13.99 or better, not much better though.