S/R gauges

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I knew my Kindergarden education would come in useful one day.

***Please don’t forget that you have to change the speed sensor. Otherwize everyone will be pisst at you on the thruway.

Hey Nick is that all it would take to have 150 gauges? just change teh speed sensor and put a gauge overlay?

I was under the Impression that all S/R gauges had the 150MPH speedo.


Sorry, for the S/Rs that would be all it would take, just replace the skin. I didn’t see if you made mention of this strictly for the S/R.

But for a normal Zx2, you would have to change the speed sensor. Essentially the gauges only really measure voltages from their respective sensors, much like the MAF reads Air Velocity. I don’t believe you need to change the computer at all.

Thanks Nick! Another project for me! Lol!!!

Yes all S/R gauges have the 150 speedo… unfortunately very few of us actually have an S/R and have the stock 120 speedo.

Wait, thats IT? Would the speed sensor swap also take care of the speed govenor? I read that there is a wire you can cut that shuts the govenor off, but I don’t like the brutality of such a mod.

Ok, Great!

I was just making sure I had my facts correct.

I was showing that we can make gauges for an S/R.

Any of our designs can be made for the 120MPH cluster.


Ok…so you are producing guage clusters, very cool.

Could someone give take your template and overlay their own image and you could print them with color or the image on them?

The speed sensor wouldn’t affect the speed govenor because the governor is controlled by the ECU. But if you get the SCTx2 the program is changed to remove the govenor.

Disable the Speed Govenor

I just called them with that same question. If I could get those guage faces we are talking about in the other thread in black that would be sweet.

Well we do not make gauge clusters, rather guage faces that replace your stock faces, in your stock cluster.

Yes we can do custom designs also, if you have an Idea in mind.


Which faces are those? “Ring of Fire” faces? or another set?

We cannot do Ring of Fire in a black face. If we did you would then have to see the “Ring of Fire” or the Flames at the top during the day, which you do not see on the white faces.


Heres the official S/R gauges

Yellow Face

[url=http://www.sh-autotrends.com/product_info.php?products_id=77]http://www.sh-autotrends.com/product_in ... ucts_id=77[/url]

White Face

[url=http://www.sh-autotrends.com/product_info.php?products_id=79]http://www.sh-autotrends.com/product_in ... ucts_id=79[/url]