S&H Auto Trends TRUE 3" COLD AIR INTAKE(Details inside)

Ok, I know you all opened this thread to see nice shiny pictures of our new intake kit.

Bad news is that my CAI tester has backed out on me because he is selling his ZX2.

So I am looking for a new another (or few) tester.

Unfortunately since we are still a smaller company we cannot give them away for users to test, but we can give them to you at cost (for testers only).

I am looking for a tester(s) that either still have or can re-install there stock air system.

Someone that is willing to do before and after Dyno tests.

A little about the intake:

We are going to offer 2 different versions of the intake.

  1. In front of the radiator
  2. behind the stock splash shield.

The intake is made up of a 3" Co-Polymer Resin, which then has chemical pre-plate, Copper plating, Nickel Plating, and Finally ends with Heat Deflecting Triple Chromium Plating. This intake DOES NOT RETAIN HEAT like an aluminum pipe will, and it weighs even less to! The inside of the piping has a smooth surface which helps deliver higher amounts of airflow to your engine!

The filter is high flow cotton fiber and is pre-oiled and ready to go, and has a 10yr/100,000 mile warranty. The filter is washable and re-usable.

The CAI is made using Spectre PowerAdder modular system. Since we are an authorized Spectre Dealer we can get part much cheaper than you can by at AZ. or Summit. And still sell the CAI kits cheaper, and ready to install.

I’m looking to testers in NW Ohio, but will ship at my cost to anyone willing to try it out.

Here is an intake we have already done for the Ford Focus.

[url=http://www.sh-autotrends.com/product_info.php?products_id=72]http://www.sh-autotrends.com/product_in ... ucts_id=72[/url]

If you have any interest in this opportunity please email me at sales@sh-autotrends.com


What kinda price at cost are you talking about? BTW, I’m the one who called regarding the guage faces as well.

Very interesting. I have a few questions.

  1. will this be available for both ZX2 intake’s pre& post 99.5?
  2. Will this bolt right up to the maf and stock throttle body?
  3. Are you planning on routing it through the lower res. area? If so will it fit with wild facia’s. I have the ultra rare Edge and DO NOTwant to mod it. I have the last one and theres no telling if or when theres going to any more built.

Without knowing anything about his product; if it is routed down into the lower air res, then no modification is needed. I’m sure he is building based on the stock facia.

The concerns you should have are will there be a vaccum line hole? I forgot what it is to, but you do need on off the intake. Two if you haven’t given your oil res a breather of its own.

You’ve got mail…

  • Darron



  1. As far as I know yes. (Whats the Difference? Any pics?)
  2. Yes to both
  3. This was mocked up on a STOCK bosy ZX2, so Im not sure about your application, any pics?


Yes vaccum line holes are there like stock.

Where did this mail go to?


Yep Tyler, its me.

‘sales@sh-autotrends.com’ That’s where the mail went.

  • Darron

i dont have pics of the 98 to 99.5 maf but there was a seperate AIT set up the 99.5 to 03 had it in the maf. so there should be a additional hole just after the MAF and i have the Axiom Edge Facia It is/was a Ford concept Facia that say the light of day. So it should fit now i think about it. but heres a pic of the Facis just to be safe


and heres a pic of the intake that i talking about the hole just past the MAF is for the AIT sensor