Revised and updated as of 3/25/09

General Rules

  • Spamming is not tolerated on the forums.
  • Advertising of related sites without prior permission is not tolerated. Keep the drama at home.
  • Please keep all posts on topic of the given forum, this means that anything with problems should go in problems, and selling stuff needs to go in the related selling/wanted forums.
  • Any illegal activities up to and including but not limited to: street racing, pirating, illegal use of copyright materials, anything that will violate state and/or federal law as well as the selling of any prohibited products are grounds for immediate removal of the forums and are not tolerated to any degree. We will not endorse nor support these. Your immediate banning will ensue.
  • Harassing/Slander/Abusive/Hateful posting is not allowed. If you have a problem with a member, tell an administrator or moderator IMMEDIATELY.
  • We can remove your topics, threads, and edited posts at any given time without your discretion if we deem necessary.
  • We will not be held responsible for any direct, indirect, special or consequencial damage of any kind for any reason for both or it’s affiliates.
  • “Borderline” topics that are questionable (this includes extremely offensive topics that may be debatable and offensive) may be removed at any time.

Selling/Advertising rules

  • Advertising of products from a business without prior consent is not allowed. Failing to abide by this will not only get you banned from the forums but potentially removed from any future vendor eligibility as well.
  • holds absolutely no responsibility for any items sold on or through

Appropriate screen names

  • Your screen name must include an appropriate and non-offensive screen name. If for any reason your screen name is determined to be offensive or inappropriate, and it’s staff can delete it or change it at any given time without notice.

Moderator contact

  • If you see any of the above being violated please tell a moderator and use the report function or email an admin at so that we can ensure the absolute best timely manner of having things handled. Thank you.

Most imporantly

  • Your thread, posts and content of any kind may be removed at any time if it is deemed to be inappropriate by these guidelines with or without notice.

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