RPM's DRop

ok heres the deal every now and then not all of the time my car will idle really low… when the clutch is in somtimes ldle so low it will die… then the rpms will jump to 2 or so from like.5 ??? the idle is low with the clutch is out like just below 1 but if its in it will drop to .5 any suggestions??? i did a quick run through of vaccumm lines around the intake and found nothing???..( could look a little better)

Alright… Your problem seems to be a leak in the PCV valve hose. It goes to the right of the exhaust manifold and it has a hard line to the intake manifold. See picture…




so just check that hose for crack ect… easy replace???

are you talking about the hose that runs right by the head in the foam wrap or the one motorcraft hose running into the firewall?

well this situation was crank walk the whole time (6 mo.) I was looking for vac leaks LOL

piss i wondered …how did you figure out it was crankwalk? I always take a pry bar on the crank pulley and pull it and watch to see if it moves. You can take a “dial indicator” as well and see how much it moves. Jw

You could proably do it that way… Or look at your crank sensor for rubbing of wear! In my situation I was replacing the clutch and used a pry bar on the tranny side of the crank… An it was nothing but bad news

Ya that’s the worst feeling in the world finding something like that happening. Since you know your going to have a long couple of nights coming up.

Ya I donno… it was pretty gay! its been like almost 4,000 miles on the rebiuld now and last night it was scaring me coming home from tim and eric awesome show great job… the idle was bouncing up and down a little bit… so I turned off the defrost… and let it run a bit… and it didnt do it again so I hope I am NOT having another repeat here!!! plus I also have a little exhaust leak at my catback, header gasket…

Oh another way I was able to tell was I had the timming belt replaced and it was hanging off my cam gears about an 1/8th of an inch… hince why it was haning off the cam gears… the crank was slid over a 1/8th of an inch

Man I seriously hope and pray to god!!! that my motor isnt repeating its self again…!!! I was driving around keeping special eye on the idle… and it seems everytime i go to pull into my drive way and a couple other times the idle fluxuated a little bit up and down!!!

Say I have mine set at 1064 RPM’s it idle up just a little bit say 1100 RPM or just below and droped to say 950 or a little less and back up and down a couple times!!!..

I hope its not my Mo**&%*&*in crank again!!! If it is which i hope to gawd its not!!! I am going to get a JY motor and see how that goes… I dont know how I will get it in the car though? I dont really have any tools or knowledge on those terms…

sorry just freaked out and scared/ venting :slight_smile:

No Problem! Crankwalk is a serious problem. I also have no knowledge in the area of engines… sucks!

yes it seriously does suck and I hope I am just being paranoid!!! I have been keeping an eye on it and I havent noticed it today…

dunno what I can do, but if you need help looking up information on the problem maybe we can post it here so that others can learn how to fix the problem. let me know!