roushzx2, you're busted!

thats right… i logged in and found THIS!

Apparently you are taking pictures of me while i’m at work…

So this morning I got dressed up and ready to come down and have a talk with you…

But along the way I ran into mr Kerry who convinced me that violence was a bad thing… so I came back home.

So how are you?

whew–thought i was gonna see some asian porn again :lol:

are you talking about those freaky pm messages everyone is getting on teamzx2? i got one of those too…

I’m not getting any and I actually want some… that ******* sucks. GIVE ME SOME PORN!

Unless you’re gay you won’t like what has been sent over pm on that forum lmao


But seriously whoever is doing it sucks monkey balls… Literally.

You want to say hello to my little friend!!!

If i find the cackaroach who sent me that POrn I’ll show him how we do it Havana.