Roush Intake

I’m looking to purchase a Roush Intake, the one that came stock on the 1999 S/Rs. I’m a fan of Roush Racing, and would like to represent that under my hood. Please send me what you got and include if it is a 4 or 6 wire MAF connection.

Thanks, _Matt

its actually the k&n iceman intake

roush also did make an intake for the first year of the S/R… unless they were the same intake?

No, it was Roush the first year.

in 99 the s/r came w/ the roush intake the 00 s/r came with iceman im also trying to get my hands on a roush intake

Is there an advantage? Roush over Iceman?

Preformace wise, the Roush and Iceman intakes for the S/Rs were relatively similar. Its just Roush’s are rarer and I am also trying to turn my 99 zx2 into S/R like clone. Its mostly depends on a person’s taste.


If it’s just gonna be a clone why not clone the intake. Can’t be that tough. Buy mandrel bent tubing off ebay and put it together piece by piece.

sorry for my s/r ignorance… they are both the funny shaped looking ones tho correct?

I don’t think so. I’ve been told that my intake resembles a Roush from the 99 s/r’s. I’ve never seen one so i don’t know if it’s true or not. Here’s a pic of mine:

How about cleaning that MAF up. Take that little rubber boot off those 6 wires. That is a reminate of your old intake.

Where did you connect your negative leads? I have a universal grounding kit, but don’t really know where they hook up. I know I need one on the transmission and engine. But I’m clueless as to where.

Naw… i’m gonna leave it on in case i ever sell the car. I’ll just put the stock airbox back in and still have that boot.

The grounding kit is also just some universal kit i bought off ebay as my first mod. They’re connected as follows (dunno if they’re right or not): R side of head, L side of head, TB, tranny, earth next to battery, right next to the coil pack and on the alt.

yours is nice if roush was chrome. it was all a plastic intake like the iceman ill find photos. they will be around 200 dolla or so if u find one