Roush Ford ZX2 Fusion

I received these images from Jack Roush and his team. From my understanding, the zinc yellow version of this car was crushed. This one survives in a Roush warehouse “B12” at the Roush Automotive Collection, in Livonia, Michigan. It’s open to the public during regular business hours.

They were not willing to sell it to me, unfortunately. Enjoy the pics!

I want this car sooooo bad.

This so cool. I never knew this car even existed!

I believe this is where Ford got the name Fusion from.

Xeno - My man, how have you been? Thanks for sharing these picutres, I was looking to buy this car as well but it seems you were one step ahead of me.

Hey, how’s it going? Just cruising through life over here. Wouldn’t mind getting back into a ZX2. Great cars.

What do you own now? I don’t believe you have the GTR anymore, right?

I want one, or the one!
Wish we could at least get a parts list for it, specifically for the supercharger system.

I’d love a supercharger, I keep thinking of this setup over a turbo.

I wonder if I could convince Jack Roush to do a photo of his ZX2 Fusion, and my car with us standing between them, If I showed up there with my car while he was there…

I copied his paint job on my car.

Sorry to say this, but I doubt he would care. It’s not an iconic car, so they wouldn’t move it for a photo shoot.

Most likely true, but they may be willing to move my car in for a photo shoot if there is enough room beside it to park my car…

No harm in asking…

For that matter I would be happy to get a photo with Jack sitting in my car and me standing beside it, that would work too!

I’m not picky…