rough idle that will not go away!

This is quite possibly the most annoying problem possible. My zx2 idles rough (yes I know everybody who owns one has had the same problem before)… BUT… my rough idle will not go away… let’s go through what I’ve changed, (in the correct order)… plugs, wires, (fuel injector cleaner, not really changing anything), oil change, air filter, pcv valve, fuel filter, tranny fluid (lol, of course it wasn’t the problem, but wth), pcv valve (broke the rubber elbow and made a better one), coil pack… what else is there??? lol. It’s a weird roughness too. RPMs don’t fluctuate at all, just sits at about 900 but makes things vibrate something bad, in random intervals it gets slightly worse, (vibe vibe vibe earthquake vibe vibe earthquake vibe)… if I sit the RPMs at 1100, it doesn’t vibrate, but something is still stuttering. The exhaust stutters real bad. I’m so very confused… please give me some direction!

How many miles? might be time to check the timing belt.

77k, timing belt is starting to look bad, but the timing is still correct.

Add cleaned MAF and TB to that list…

how did you clean the MAF? maybe that could have something to do with it?

I did it since the rough idle, didn’t change anything… I spritzed it lightly with MAF cleaner… but like I said I did it after the idle was rough, and it didn’t do anything.

You driving an ATX or MTX? I’ve noticed my wife’s ATX idles a bit rougher at a stop in [D] than my MTX does.

  • Darron


possible broken motor mount?

Or just a very worn one.

My MTX idles smoothly, but my wife’s ATX has a very rough idle. I have tried just about all the things you have tried, but nothing has helped. The wife’s car, Whitey Ford, is worse with the A/C on while in Drive. Shifting into Neutral helps, turning of the A/C helps but turning the engine off helps the most. :smiley: Even in neutral and without A/C, Whitey Ford still has a rougher idle than my car, The Toy. Both cars are 2000’s with about 90,000 miles on their odometers.

hmmmm… the motor mount could be it, I guess, but if I replace it, I would use ES, and that just makes vibration worse, lol. I hear you about those autos, my sister has a 2002 focus atx, and it idles like complete crap, and it only has like 42k on it.