rough idle problem!!!

My ZX2 has a rough idle ever since i got it 7 months ago. the idle is a little rough most the time but every now and then it gets a little violent. i have checked the engine mounts and they appear to be fine. changed the spark plugs and wires as well. What else might be causing the rough idle problem?

rough idle is actually common place amoung the zx2’s. It sounds like you have already checked the most common causes. One thing you didn’t mention was checking your coil pack.

how would the coil pack effect the idle??

Helps regulate the spark plugs, though a full MSD system upgrade would REALLY be noticeable.

I don’t mean to butt in, but I just ordered an MSD Blaster coil. Do I need to replace my new plug wires as well, or will they fit on the MSD coil? Just wondering…

The MSD is basically a stock replacement. The stock wires will work, but you will eventually want to move up to racing wires.

I already have FRPP 9mm wires. I was just afraid that the posts on the coild were different, making it necessary to buy their wires. Thanks!!! :smiley:

I don't mean to butt in, but I just ordered an MSD Blaster coil.

Check your order again. The “Blaster Coil” is different than the “Coil Pack.”

Got it in, it’s part number “MSD-8241”. Direct bolt it. Seems fine. Not sure if it’s the Blaster or just a coil by their standards, but it fit. :slight_smile:

You didn’t say what plugs you’r running, but Z’s like Champion or motorcraft double platinums (gap 'em @ .060 w/ your MSD). Do you notice the difference? I did.

I’m running Motorcraft Platinums. Only plugs I can get for my car here. I noticed a difference, although the first time I started the car, it took a few turns to go. I thought the computer might be confused, so I disconnected my Battery for a few minutes, and then the car started right up, idles a bit smoother, and seems to be have a bit more mid- range pull. I’m happy with it.

i had the same problem. going in reverse it liked to stall and it’s an auto! ppl told me it was the timing and maybe a piston wasn’t firing. when i put a K/N filter on the problem was redirected. it was a vaccum tube. it’s a 25 dollar part and it will boost your fuel economy, but only if that is the problem. one way to tell if there is a vaccum leak is if you hear a sucking sound comming from the engime compartment. have fun! :mrgreen:

Unless you have an intake… :wink: Although if it’s a consistant “sucking” sound not just when you hit the throttle…

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