rotor and pads....

What kind of brake rotors and pads are everybody using??

Im planning on ordering some drilled/slotted rotors but dont know what pads are best.

I’ve been told time and time again hawk pads are great.
You can also buy some higher quality pads at napa and what not which are ceramic which stop significantly better, but the second you get into the good stuff you will see your price in pads go from $15 cheapos to $50-70 superstoppers.

yeah i know the price will go up but its worth it i think…thanks for the info.

Oh its absolutely worth it. No point in going fast if you can’t stop, right? :slight_smile:


i had cross drilled brembo rotors with ceramic pads…but i’m loving my new setup with the trinet black plated cross drilled rotors and axxis bi-metalic pads. can’t wait to get the rear discs on and the SS lines in!

cross drilled will keep the rotors a lot cooler, and evacuate water on the surface. but i wouldn’t get slotted unless you are on your brakes a LOT at high speeds on the track. they keep the brake pad clean, and you’ll go through pads about twice as fast.

yeah…im probably gonna go with some black cross drilled rotors…and some good pads. Thanks for the info.