Rock Auto Discount Codes

No real good place to put this thread, so here goes. I use for a lot of oem part replacement/rebuild kits, and every so often they email me a rebate code that is supposed to be able to be used by anyone. This code expires on March 29. Just enter it in the “how did you hear about us” box for a 5% discount. The code is: 14051691206645


i buy all my porsche parts from them, thanks man you rock!

The site is a a great place to find hard to parts or just parts at a cheaper price.

yep they send me a code every once in a while, if anyone else gets one like that that can be used more than once post up, I’ll do the same :sunglasses:

ok dudes new code: 16013611206645
5% off, valid until may 31

aand another one: 16873051206645

expires 6/28/09

Nice you are the man. Do you know how big of a discount?

5%, they keep sending them so I’ll keep posting, I think only one can be used at a time tho

new code: 24200772015513

good thru Jan. 3, 2010