RIP little guy....

Picked up this bag’o’bones to keep my current heap of bones running. Looks like it’s been through hell and back but it’s got a VERY nice torque tube, transmission and an extremely awesome engine with some euro body parts for the valance and even the mounts for the euro Porsche lights for the rear. I’m quite excited. Badges are good to go too.

Such a shame to know that at one time this car rolled off a showroom floor, saw some awesome twisties and driving in it’s lifetime, only to be parked and await it’s demise by a bunch of 8 year olds armed with baseball bats and house paint. :lol:

Dang that thing got messed up

true. D you need any parts off a 944? there’s a fairly complete one at the local jy

specifically, i need the entire suspension off of an early 83’ or 84’ 944 for my 924 actually…

lol is that something you’d be willing to have shipped? I didn’t get the mfr date so it’ll probably be a while before I get back out there but if it’s 83 or 84 I’ll let ya know

not sure on that… :lol: that could get expensive.

lol my point exactly

Looking at that Porsche kinda creeps me out. I felt like a zombie or something was going to jump out from the inside. I guess it didnt help that I watched 28 weeks later too…