rims with tires and sct x-2 must sell!!!

I have a set of gunmetal 16’’ rota subzeros with 205/50 neogen tires thay are brand new only on the car for 2 months im asking $700 plus shipping. I aslo have an x-2 for sale id like to get $200 for plus shipping. The best way to reach me is by email markyv@atlanticbb.net or phone 724-833-1280

Does the X-2 work on 98’ ZX2s?

yeah all you would have to do is get it unlocked

mark, you sould unlock it. all you have to do is remove the tune out of your car and the X2 will be unlocked. or he will have to pay a fee. I beleive it’s like 200 or something there abouts.

my car is scraped

you can take your pcm out of your scrapped car and sell it with the x2 and it will work. otherwise the x2 is almost worthless. it cost just about the same to unlock it as a new one.

Or just plug the PCM into another car, power it on, unlock it, and your done.

alright guys come on gotta get rid of these rims thay a brand new! 16 inch rota subzeros with 205/50s on em tread is new!

New Rota"s" from JBL i Corona, Ca ) “Kiruchi” or $275 inclusive shipping + 205/50-15 Nitto Neogens fron Discount Tire Direct for $200 inclusive ship[ping equals $475.00 for the package…??????