Rims for the Mustang

What do you guys think?


19" x 9" in the front…
20" x 10" in the rear…



A bit flashy for me, but the sizes I’m diggin.

They are flashy, but I think they would look pretty damn good on the 'Stang.

look at this…

guy gets a great job at disney and becomes all blingy-blingy this, blingy-blingy that! lol!

Looks great Chris! out of curiosity why 2 different size rims (is that a noobie question?)?

Foose is some top end stuff!

Just for looks mostly… I’ve seen a few with that sort of setup and it looks mean :wink: Plus when you see it from the back I want you to stare lol :mrgreen:

Chris… I have your love child… You owe me child support.


(You have too much “loose change” bro.)

sweet choice

Just wait till I get Nova past 350 hp. :evil:

you need to go black :slight_smile:

Or like a gunmetal color. That would keep some of the flash, but it would look mean.

How about?





I’m diggin’ the “gunmetal” That would look hella tight. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

now thats what i’m talkin’ about!

yeah definately the gunmetal… that will look hot against the white.

X2. Something about the gunmetal color on a while car looks awsome. I’m planing on powdercoating my american eagle’s next time I get tires.

To me chrome is more about show… whereas when i see something in black and white and the rims are gunmetal or black it screams “go” to me… perhaps thats just me. I am really not a chrome guy. I know everyone is different though.

Probably because we know if a car is about business, then the driver knows that chrome will get dirty real quick, so they don’t bother.

I hate seeing rivits. The black look good, but I agree with Mark. I would like the gun metal too. But I also like seeing the deep dish style rims ont the Mustang.