Request: zx2s with tint

I am asking for tint for my car for christmas and i am debating on what level of tint to go with. Tint in PA is illegal, so either way I’m screwed. So please post up some zs with tint and list your %


My pics are in the sig. Or you can check my gallery for larger samples. I, however, don’t know the tint% because it was installed by the previous owner.

  • Darron

Go for 40% on everything but the front windsheild. But if you don’t tint the pass. and drivers windows, you wont get noticed as much.

i think PA allows 15% tint

my friend’s dad is a state trooper. No window tint is permitted. There is an exemption for sun screening, with is just gay and like perfectly clear stuff.

this is whatever is the most you can have in IL…15% i think

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Nope hksZX2, I figured out the hard way. Got pulled over, got 5 days to take it off, then had to drive to the station so they could approve that I did remove it. (It sucked, only had 20% up front and 5% in rear triangle windows)

Anyone got colored tint.

I got a black ZX2 wit Green underglow and green interior neon and want to do my back quarter windows and rear window with green tint.

(It sucked, only had 20% up front and 5% in rear triangle windows)

Any tint on the front windshield is highlighting your car for trouble. Nevermind 20% tinit.

no, 20% on the driver and passenger windows. I only have a 5" strip of 5% across the top of the windshield now as a “sun visor”

Ahh, well those two windows are illegal in most states tinted.

damn tim, u have a sexy car.

man, if a pig pulls u over and asks why u have tint, make an excuse, like i bought the car this way, take it up w/ the dealer, or, i just moved from another state, i dunno the laws. u gotta know how to play the game.

Or not. LOL

no tint yet; hopefully will get that done this summer, but waiting until I have time to get it done when I’m home. VA laws for tinting are more strict than SC laws <stationed in VA, but SC resident and Z is registered in SC, so I get to do things based on SC laws>

I don’t have tint either. I need to get a new windshield first. Mine has two chips in it on the drivers side. I hope maybe in the future to get it done but not sure when with wedding and stuff coming up.


I dont know your 5.0 situation in your home town but I live in a pig ridden hole in the earth and I know what I want so I went with 5% despite the legal consiquesce. c the thing is that if you get stoped for tint you are eather handed a blade and told to scrape or they write you a ticket. If you get the ladder and they take no pictures at eh scene, go home scrape it off and fight in court. youll win in any traffic alone offence. its not worth the corts time to prosicute further for a lousy 50 to a 100 dollars

most courts will throw it out or reduce for a minor ticket like that as long as you show proof that you took it off.