Reproduction Parts: Any interest? Iceman Intake, S/R Decals, Gasket for Spoiler

Not promising anything right now but I’ve been working on figuring out how to make some reproductions of the Iceman Intake from the S/R, The S/R door decals, and the gaskets that go between the spoiler and the trunk lid. Hoping to get this stuff figured out by summer’s end and move on to other hard-to-find parts.

Is anyone interested in these? Won’t be cheap, but I am hoping there are other people trying to keep their ZX2s in the best condition possible.

I got my hands on some original door decals. Will be working with someone to reproduce these.

Suggestions for other parts, dash panel that surrounds gauge cluster, door window mouldings (Upper and Lower) 1999 S/R air filter housing (they have a 2 inch opening, and no noise baffel opening) where the standard one has a 1-1/2 inch opening into the fender, and an opening for a noise baffel.

Me interesa el iceman intake

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Me interesa el iceman intake