Replacement Engines

Does any one know the difference between 98 and 99 dohc 2.0 engines and do the engines from contours fit . The rebuild kits day theyre they have the same internals.

If its from another ZX2 you should be fine from what I remember. Its just a different mass air flow sensor. It went from a 4 to a 6 wire. As far as the contour motor into a zx2. I do not believe those are a drop in replacement. Not sure how similar those are. Might have to do some more digging for that.

Thanks for the reply . I have a 98 zx2 2.0 dohc that I keep around as a beater. I took it out and long story short valve seat dropped .
So theres a replacement engine that is a 99 zx2 . The junkyard says there is a split in the year. So far from what I learned or have been told that they changed the pulley setup inside the timming belt side of things.
There may or may not be something I would have to do with a fuel rail BUT everything from my 98 will bolt up to the late 99 engine . When and if I need timing belt parts I would have to buy them for a 2000 engine ( late 99) . My ecu and electronics from my 98 will all work .
This what I was told on another forum.